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My Friend — топик для изучения английского

Сегодня Вашему вниманию предложен очередной топик для изучения английского языка — My Friend.

Прочитайте топик и напишите несколько предложений о своем друге или друзьях.

I would like to tell you about my friends. I have a lot of
them, but my close friend is Marina. She is my school-mate.
We have been studying together in one form all the eleven
years of our school-life. She is 17. We have nothing in common
in appearance. Marina is pretty in her own way. She is thin
and slender, not very tall. Her hair is red and straight, her
face is oval and her forehead is high. She has a turn-up nose
and beautiful green eyes with bushy eyelashes.
Marina is as good as gold. Warm-hearted and gentle,
quiet and well-bred. Everyone loves her. She is always well
dressed and neat. She is always ready to help people, when
they are in need.
Marina is the only daughter of her parents and they adore
her. Nevertheless she is not selfish.
I like to be around her, because she knows a lot of interesting
stories, funny jokes. She is fond of reading.
Marina goes in for sports. She plays tennis and swims.

She does well at school and it seems to me that all the
subjects come equally easy to her. This year she is leaving
school and has chosen medicine as future profession. I hope
she will make a good doctor.
We always meet at the weekends. We discuss books, listen
to the music or visit our friends. I always enjoy the time
spent together.
I am happy to have such a friend as Marina. I am sure we
shall be friends forever.