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Your House — Ваш Дом на английском языке

Изучите наиболее частые слова, которые характеризуют дом и элементы интерьера на английском языке.

Armchair - a chair with parts on either side to rest your arms on
Basin - a large container to hold water for washing in
Bucket - a container with a handle, for carrying liquids or something such as sand
Bath - a large container you fill with water and get into to wash
Bedroom - a room where you sleep
Bench - a long seat
Blanket - a large piece of thick cloth, used as a warm covering for a bed
Brick - a small hard block of baked clay used in building
Carpet - a thick soft covering for a floor
Cable - a thick rope, wire or chain
Cellar - an underground room for storing things
Chair - a seat with a back for one person
Chandelier - a hanging support for several lights
Curtain - a piece of material hung at a window or door,or at the front of a stage
Divan - a bed or couch without a raised back or sides
Drape - to drape something like cloth is to hang it loosely over something
Dresser - a sideboard with shelves at the top
Fence - a wooden or metal barrier round an area of land
Garage - a building for keeping motor vehicles in
Iron - to iron clothes or cloth is to smooth them with an iron
Kitchen - a room where food is prepared and cooked
Lock - a fastening that is opened with a key or other device
Peg - a clip or pin for fixing things in place or for hanging things on
Plug - a device by which an electric wire is fitted into a socket
Pillow - a cushion to rest your head on, especially in bed
Pit - a deep hole or hollow
Radiator - a device that gives out heat, especially a metal container through which steam or hot water flows
Refrigerator - a cabinet in which food is stored at a low temperature
Roof - the part that covers the top of a building, shelter, or vehicle
Shower - a device or cabinet for spraying water to wash the body; a wash in this
Sheet - a large piece of lightweight material put on a bed
Step - each of the level surfaces on a stair or ladder
Stool - a small seat without a back
Stair - each of a series of steps that take you from one floor to another in a building
Switch - a device on or off is to use a switch to make it work or stop working
Table - a piece of furniture with a flat top supported on legs
Tap - a device for letting out liquid or gas in a controlled flow
Vacuum cleaner - an electrical device that sucks up dust and dirt from the floor
Vase - a jar used for holding flowers or as an ornament
Wallpaper - paper used to cover the walls of rooms
Washing mashine - a machine for washing clothes

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