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Food — Пища, названий блюд, продуктов, а также овощей и фруктов на английском языке

Изучите наиболее частые слова, которые используются для названий блюд, продуктов, а также овощей и фруктов на английском языке.

Banana — a tropical fruit with a yellow skin
Beet — a plant used as a vegetable or for making sugar
Berry — a small, juicy fruit
Biscuit — a flat thin piece of crisp baked pastry like a hard cake
Cabbage — a round green vegetable
Cake — a baked mixture of flour, eggs, fat, and sugar
Carrot — an orange-coloured vegetable
Cheese — a solid food made from milk curds Cherry — a small bright red fruit with a stone
Chewing gum — a sticky flavored gum for chewing
Chocolate — a sweet brown food
Chop — a small thick slice of meat
Cocoa — a hot drink that tastes of chocolate
Coffee — a hot drink made from the roasted and crushed beans of a tropical shrub
Cucumber — a long green vegetable, eaten raw
Drink — a liquid for drinking
Fruit — the seed-container that grows on a tree or plant and is often used as food, such as apples, oranges, and bananas
Garlic — a plant with a bulb divided into sections, which have a strong smell and taste and are used in cooking
Grape — a small green or purple fruit that grows in bunches on a vine
Grapefruit — a large round yellow citrus fruit with a soft juicy pulp
Juice — the liquid from fruit, vegetables, or other food
Lemon — a yellow citrus fruit with a sour taste
Lemonade — a drink with a lemon flavour
Macaroni — pasta in the form of short tubes
Maize — a tall kind of corn with large seeds
Meal — grain coarsely ground to a powder
Melon — a large juicy fruit with yellow or green skin
Milk — a white liquid that female mammals produce in their bodies to feed to their young
Millet — a kind of cereal with tiny seeds
Mushroom — a fast-growing edible fungus with a dome-shaped top
Nut — the eatable part of this kind of fruit
Onion — a round vegetable with a strong flavour
Pastry — dough made from flour, fat, and water rolled flat and baked
Pea — a small round green seed of a climbing plant, growing inside a pod and used as a vegetable
Pepper — a hot-tasting powder used to flavour food
Pineapple — a large tropical fruit with yellow flesh and prickly leaves and skin
Porridge — a food made by boiling oatmeal to make a thick paste
Potato — a vegetable that grows underground
Peach — a soft round juicy fruit with a slightly furry skin and a large stone
Pear — a juicy fruit that gets narrower near near the stalk
Raisin — a dried grape
Raspberry — a small soft red fruit
Rice — white seeds from a cereal plant, used as food
Salt — the white substance that gives sea water its taste and is used for flavouring food
Soup — a liquid food made from vegetables or meat
Sausage — a tube of edible skin or plastic stuffed with minced meat and other ingredients
Strawberry — a small red juicy fruit, with its seeds on the outside
Sugar — a sweet food obtained from the juices of various plants, such as sugar beet or sugar cane
Sweet — a small shaped piece of sweet food made of sugar or chocolate
Tea — a drink made by pouring hot water on the dried leaves of an evergreen shrub
Vegetable — a plant that can be used as food
Vitamin — each of several substances which are present in some foods and which you need to stay healthy

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